Dancing with the Stars slide in after 10 pm, Marcel Jacobs dancer all night long

The World Cup in Qatar They continue to create some problems for Rai1 fans and now too Dancing with the stars You will have to deal with the latest software changes. Ballerina Milly Carlucci is almost running out of broadcasts, but now at the end of the running, he will have to adapt to rai programs related to the World Cup, and therefore, instead of starting at 20.35 as usual, he will broadcast until after 22.00.

There are four episodes missing at the end of the programme. In particular, the programming will change for the eighth and ninth episodes, which will start at 22.05. The change in Episode IX will not only be related to time, but also to the day. According to the latest news, The eighth episode will be broadcast on Saturday 26 at 22:05And the The ninth episode, Friday, December 2, at 22:05And the The tenth episode is on Saturday, December 17th, and the eleventh episode is on Friday, December 23rd.

These are the schedule changes currently that will spoil the party for Rai1 fans who, meanwhile, are getting ready to welcome a special guest on Saturday (for those who managed to stay up late): Marcel Jacobs. The Olympic champion of the 100m sprint and 4x100m relay at the recent 2020 Tokyo Olympics winks more and more on TV and after a series of hosting and having lent his face to a commercial, he will take to the track on Saturday evening to try his hand at a complex dance audition that will allow one of the competing couples by taking the treasure home.

The couples who left to compete on Dancing with the Stars are Emma Stockolma, Angelo Madonia, Gabriel Garco, Giada Linni, Alessandro Egger, Tove Vilfork, Eva Zanicchi, Samuel Peron, Rosanna Banfi, Simone Casola, Alex Di Giorgio, Moreno Porco.

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