D2 | La Louviere Center’s Hard But Valuable Success (Video): “We Couldn’t Finish The Match”


Louviérois has been successful three times in a row. – David Claes

D2 | La Louviere Center’s Hard But Valuable Success (Video): “We Couldn’t Finish The Match”

Released at 1:30 PM on Sunday, April 2, 2023

To Bernard Guislain

La Louviere Center


the goal : 20th George.

URLC: Kremerus, Marquis, Luhaka, Salem, Nsung (84th Baird), Kalonji (76th Kasuri), Rema, Usmail, Jatta (72nd Lubaki), Ba (89th Hakimi), George.

Gunshoren: Suederick, Zaânan (81st Bellante), Camara, Devillé, Scholl, Nendaka, Millet, Famo (46th Tchoutang), Van Landschoot, El Ghraichi (75th Laroussi), Zeroual.

yellow card: Lema, Salem, Usmail.

Referee: Mr. Lovett.


Nowhere else in Tivoli is exactly the same. Evidence was provided again during final inspection this Saturday, just minutes after the first whistle, when the trio of referees turned back part of the field and certain lines disappeared due to showers and other gusts of wind. So the game started a few minutes late.

Unsurprisingly, Sebastien Conte’s team took the lead over Brabant’s Phalanx, who played the caution card by lining up a very wide midfield. The union created many opportunities, but was embodied only once by George and fully served by Ba. On Louviérois’ part, I told myself that this was not so serious and would be improved later. In the second half, the much more enterprising Brussels people came to occupy the local camp, forcing the Wolves to make a lot of mistakes and content themselves with counterattacks, thus making a big mistake. was. Fortunately, there were few opportunities to visit in person, and the local rearguard watched over the experienced grain. Indeed, the visiting goalkeeper had to pull away two big games in the second half. end.


Union played with fire, but fortunately did not get burned. “It doesn’t get any easier until the competition is over! Having had three boys in command at Jet last year, we knew Gannshoren would be a difficult foe to manipulate. In type encounters you have to know how to kill them and we didn’t do that. You will learn,” Sebastien Conte analyzes lucidly and is very happy to learn about Mu and Verlaine’s results.

We also regret the incident at the end of the match between the supporters who were “impregnated” by the two camps and required the intervention of the stewards.

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