Crystal Park’s boss pulls out of the project

Since the legal setbacks of Pierre Grivegnée, it is Guido Eckelmans, the main private shareholder, who manages the Crystal Park project in Seraing. He was in charge of a new team for a few months and was responsible for salvaging what could still be salvaged.

But this Wednesday, while a new hearing is scheduled for Thursday before the Liège corporate court, responsible for a ruling on the possible extension of the judicial reorganization procedure, he decided to withdraw from the project, as the city of Seraing announced in a press release . : “The College of the City of Seraing took note at the beginning of the afternoon on this November 23, 2022, of the sudden and unilateral decision of Mr. Guido Eckelmans to break off the ongoing negotiations on the necessary restructuring of the entities of the Crystal Park project. This decision has been taken despite the significant progress made in recent hours and contrary to the agreements already made, with a view to ensuring a partnership between public and private shareholders”.

Indeed, Mr Eckelmans’ withdrawal risks yet another rearrangement of the cards in this dossier that has already spilled so much ink and that has swallowed up tens of millions of public money, and just as much from private partners.

It is therefore now the commotion in the City of Yser. The municipal council of Sérésien, which met urgently this Wednesday afternoon, has already authorized the lawyers of the City “by unanimous vote to formulate the required statements at the hearing of Thursday, November 24 before the Liège Commercial Court in view of the attitude of Mr. Guido Eckelmans. »

At the same time, he convened all city councilors for an extraordinary information session “on the situation and its useful consequences and to allow them to ask the questions they deem necessary”. This meeting, which will take place this Thursday at 8 p.m. at the town hall of Ougrée, will also be open to the public, underline the elected representatives of the Seres.

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