“Cruel Videos of the Murders”. De Pau remains in prison

There are two Videoregistered with mobile phone with which Giandavide de Pau would immortalize the dynamic of the murder of the two Asian women. This is the shocking detail that emerges from the precautionary detention order issued by Rome’s coroner, Mara Mattioli, confirming the arrest of the 51-year-old for the triple murder committed last Thursday in Rome’s Prati district. De Pau, who has been in custody since Sunday, will therefore remain in Regina Coeli prison under close surveillance. According to the indictment, Michele Senese’s ex-driver killed two Chinese nationals and a 65-year-old Colombian woman. The suspect, assisted by attorney Alessandro De Federicis, exercised his right not to respond.

The creepy videos

According to reports from Ansa, the “prostitute killer” – as Giandavide De Pau was renamed by the press – filmed the entire phases of the murder of Chinese women. THE video clips They were found by investigators in the man’s cell phone. The 51-year-old had left his mobile phone at his apartment before going to Via Durazzo, where he committed the third offence. The videos “Document in an irrefutable and gruesome way the murder of the two Chinese women committed by Giandavide De Pau after consuming with the same sexual relations and pretending to be alone with the two women, sending other customers away‘ reads the ordinance.’After a few seconds – writes the examining magistrate – De Pau moves the phone and the shoes he is wearing are framed, whereupon the phone is hung up, the camera is covered but the audio continues to be recorded and the other Chinese woman is heard entering the room – At minute 1:09 there is Noises and the woman screams loudly, but the noise comes as if suffocated, the other woman comes in and asks ‘what are you doing to her and right after that the agonized screams of the second attacked woman are also heard, then first the sound of a door is heard it slamming and then the louder sound of another door, probably the front door, being opened and from minute 2.41 one hears the death rattle of Xiuli Guo who was found dying on the landing; after a few minutes you can hear the porter’s voice and shortly after that the rescuers“.

confirmation of detention

He didn’t answer and didn’t want to add anything after seven hours of questioning at the police station. He couldn’t say anything because he doesn’t remember anything. It was very confusing. The allegation of serious multiple killings is not intentional because it is difficult to deny“. He told thatAdnkronos, the lawyer Alessandro De Federicis, defender of the 51-year-old, at the end of the interrogation to confirm the detention of the assistant. The investigators do not rule out that the murder weapon could be the kitchen knife that was found on board the alleged killer’s red Toyota IQ. At the moment, however, these are only hypotheses. “As far as I know, the gun hasn’t been found yet. – the man’s lawyer clarified – I have asked the judiciary and prison administration to find an appropriate structure for his conditions, we are speaking of a person with borderline personality disorder“.

The victims

There are still many points to be clarified in this matter. First, the investigators want to clarify whether the alleged murderer could count on the complicity of an acquaintance when escaping. “I hiked for two days, I don’t remember anything‘ De Pau told mobile agents after his arrest. All three victims have since been identified. They are Yang Yun Xiu, born January 1, 1977 in China, and Li Yanrong, born May 14, 1977 in China. 1967 The third victim, identified just hours after Thursday’s murders, is Marta Castano Torres, a 65-year-old Colombian woman, found in apartment number 38 on Via Durazzo.

The investigations into the cold case of a prostitute

There’s at least one other crime, always with a victim prostitute, which the public prosecutor’s office at Piazzale Clodio was able to investigate again after the arrest of the 51-year-old. From what Ansa learns, it appears to be a crime that took place many years ago and “would have a lot in common” – reports the press agency – with what happened in Via Riboty and Via Durazzo. However, at the moment the investigators prefer not to comment.

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