Crosscall CORE-Z5, the Android smartphone with 5 years warranty

crosscallThe French company of powerful smartphones and tablets recently launched a new device that provides a device 5 years full warranty: we’re talking about chorus 5an ultra-rugged and waterproof smartphone that also supports 5G connectivity and promises really interesting features.

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The new Core Z5 is Crosscall’s most powerful smartphone: it boasts an octa-core processor Qualcomm QCM6490 He is certified AER (Android Enterprise Recommended)That is, it meets the security and update requirements of this certification, as well as simplifying the implementation and management of mobile device fleets within companies.

As mentioned earlier, the focus of this smartphone is not on performance, but on power: CORE Z5 meets the military standard MIL-STD-810H, Which includes repeated mechanical stress tests in harsh climatic conditions (from -25 ° to +60 °), as well as drops from more than 2 meters on hard surfaces. It is also foolproofPermeability to different types of liquidsSuch as water, waste oil or highly corrosive chemicals.

CORE Z5 is equipped with a 4950 mAh batterywhich guarantees up to 44 hours of talk time and supports fast charging (42 minutes of charging is enough to get 50% of the battery capacity). The smartphone can also become a real power bank And recharge other devices thanks to the dual USB-C cable included in the package.

CORE Z5 Features a 48MP Fusion4 camera and 4K camera, allowing you to get high-quality shots even in low light conditions. The smartphone is also equipped with four programmable buttons, and is compatible with the technology Click to talk And it packs a 2-watt, 100-dB loudspeaker, three times more powerful than average.

CORE-Z5 covers several private network bands: n28, n38, n40, n77, and n78 in 5G and bands 28, 38, 40, and 68 in 4G. CORE-Z5 is also the world’s first smartphone compatible with Band 68 (700MHz) Which, in most EU countries, belong to state bodies and are dedicated to public safety.

Crosscall Core-Z5 Soon on the site And at points of sale at the recommended retail price 899.90 euros.

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