Criminal Love tells the story of Alessandra Maffezzoli in its latest episode

The latest version of the new version of criminal love Tonight takes to the stage to tell the story of another woman’s murder, another woman’s death being the only reason she fell in love with the wrong person. The peculiarity of this latest episode is that it airs on the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women with Emma D’Aquino ready to tell the truth about Alessandra, a woman who was murdered 43 years after the previous partner.

Who was he Alessandra Mavezzoli? The woman was a primary school teacher, loved very much by her pupils, and an attentive and loving mother who devoted all her care and time to her children and pupils, after the children’s father left her. In 2013, during a trip on Lake Garda, Alessandra meets a nice guy with gentle manners who she immediately finds herself in tune with, immediately forging a beautiful friendship. Now alone for many years, Alessandra falls in love with this funny and cheerful man, who brings new energy into her life until he reveals his true nature, possessive personality and jealousy, so much so that Alessandra decides to end the relationship.

The decision has never been more difficult and dangerous given that at that point her ex-husband carried out a real persecution against Alessandra who for ten months would feel trapped in his grasp until on June 1, 2016, he killed her for the first time by beating her. The being then fatally wounded her with numerous stab wounds. The man was sentenced in the Court of First Instance in September 2017 to 15 years and 4 months in prison, and today his trial has been closed permanently.

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