Connected cars: the new center for cybersecurity was born in Italy

The latest generation of cars We have increasingly advanced technological solutions that we talk about a lot Computers on 4 wheels. All this technology and communication systems Which allow cars to access the Internet or manage them remotely through applications, they can also represent a file Danger from the point of view of IT security.

about a topic Electronic security Applied to the automotive industry, the news is up to it History of NTT Announced The birth of the International Center for Car Safety Testing in Italy. Specifically, it is a center where safety testing can be conducted on connected cars with a focus on protection against cyberattacks.

The connected vehicle market represents an area in which security and defense against cyberattacks are increasingly essential. The new NTT DATA center aims to respond to ever-changing cyber threats by working closely with customers. Marco GarelliHead of the Automotive Division of NTT DATA Italia, explains:

We want to apply our skills acquired in the world of cyber security to the connected car sector. Thanks to the Global Automotive Security Testing Center, NTT DATA has become an international reference point for protecting connected cars from cyber-attacks and ensuring driver safety.

According to reports, the first project for this new center has been implemented in In association with Marelli and C2A Security. The project which included, among other things, the detection of a faulty communication between the consoles. An innovative system of tests was used in which artificial intelligence algorithms were exploited capable of identifying any attacks in progress and sending alerts to the control center (VSOC) that could intervene immediately.

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