Completely secure with the Samsung Galaxy S23 and its new fingerprint reader

Among the most likely leaps forward, the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be a true center of security. This is thanks to the new fingerprint sensor that will be coming to the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S22, according to the latest rumors.

The fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S series.

The first in-display fingerprint sensor for a flagship Samsung device came with Galaxy S10. The innovation did not appear, at least in this first example, to be fully mature. For this reason, then, with the arrival Samsung Galaxy S21 switches to Qualcomm’s second-generation ultrasonic component which in practice also remained unchanged to Galaxy S22. For the next Galaxy S23, the focus will instead be on Qualcomm’s third-generation technology. The latter company introduced the 3D Sonic Max sensor at the beginning of the year and the solution could be this or something more advanced. What is certain is that if this option is already implemented, things will look really good for the newcomer.

New sensor power

Thinking about the third-generation Qualcomm sensor on board the Samsung Galaxy S23, we can already deduce that The component response area will grow to 20 mm x 30 mm. To be clear, size will actually matter more than the size of the Sonic Gen 2 3D Scanner (8mm x 8mm) used on the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The strengths will be the same. The new sensor can count on recognition accuracy that’s up to five times better than 3D Sonic Gen 2. One might even consider using two fingers simultaneously for more personal safety. Moreover, the new technology will also allow one-touch fingerprint registration to greatly shorten the fingerprint registration process.

Just for knowledge, The new third-generation Qualcomm sensor has already been used on the iQOO 9 Pro and Vivo X80 Pro smartphones. So the Samsung Galaxy S23 will not be the first smartphone to use this solution.

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