Community Action for Violent Students. Because Valdetara’s suggestion is not shameful

Still school, still controversial. This time about violence in the classroom. It shouldn’t even be discussed. Instead, CGIL and Pd, guardians of superior thinking, take the side of the problem, not the solution. The decoder comes from the Minister of Education, Giuseppe Valdetara, for which a solution must be found «even by providing various forms of punishments against those students who are not able to respect the rules: one thing that has always seemed to me very useful is a socially useful act. Mario Rusconi, Chief Principal of ANP Rome, stating that “The Student Statute, in force in both junior and senior high schools for more than a decade, provides for a series of penalties against students who commit undisciplined acts, forms of violence or harm to the school.”

In short, violence is not allowed, but the problem is there and so are the penalties: why not evaluate socially useful jobs as well? It seems obvious, but not for everyone. According to Francesco Sinopoli, Flc CGIL, “the archaic and paternalistic vision is evident”. We note that for the union, the modern school in the face of acts of violence does not impose penalties and therefore does not ask which of them will be more effective. Anna Ascani (Pd) is even more blunt: “The school is not a court and should not impose alternative sanctions on students.” It is the place of education: the minister forgets such colossal nonsense ». Abuses obviously escape when people who are not of the left, and therefore unauthorized because of an objective flaw in cultural superiority, participate in the school: what can they learn about it? naturally. Students are more polite in form, who state through their network that “Disciplinary sanctions should always be formative and pedagogically useful for a student’s development. Minister to refrain from simplistic statements. It is indeed better, in form. In essence, there is a short circuit. One wonders why they are Approval of violent gestures outside the educational mission of the school? Why is the only prescription always and the only tolerance? Why are the solutions always elsewhere, in programs and initiatives, and never affecting behaviors? If there is no difference between violent and polite who is right? Why should victims be tolerated? Violence from students or teachers? Why are you only angry when the violence affects a girl, a disabled person or another person? Violence is always violence. If you endure it once, it will come back.

It must even be said that any punishment will be more effective if it is accompanied by moral persuasion. The student is discouraged from using physical and psychological violence if the environment judges him negatively, if others deprive him of the charm of a person who knows how to solve things. But the majority of non-violent students, in order to express dissent and contempt toward a violent act, must find strong support in the institution that knows how to coach even by firmly condemning the act. With forgiveness, it takes a moment for magic to become respect.

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