Communications with the Orion capsule were lost for 47 minutes

Little fright at the NASA on Wednesday, November 23, the space agency temporarily lost contact with the Orion capsule. The latter is currently in the sphere of influence of the Moon and no signal was received from him for 47 minutes. The reason for this blackout is still unclear.

According to the information, the outage occurred on November 23 at 06:09 GMT while technicians were reconfiguring a connection between the capsule and the network. Deep Space Network. The latter is a set of satellite dishes that NASA uses to communicate with its spacecraft in deep space. The US space agency said the reconfiguration has been successfully completed several times in recent days and the team is currently investigating the cause of the signal loss.

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The technical problem was eventually solved thanks to a reconfiguration on the ground. However, the event data is still scanned.

Orion’s situation

The loss of contact with the Orion capsule lasted 47 minutesbut fortunately, the capsule was not affected by this incident, as reported by NASA officials.

As for the mission artemis 1, the Orion capsule is currently preparing for a crucial maneuver. She will ignite her main propeller this Friday, November 25, which will turn her on an orbit around the moon. Orion will remain in this orbit for about a week before landing at 1uh December.

The space capsule is scheduled to land in the Pacific Ocean near California on Dec. 11 using parachutes.

Prepare well for future missions

This Artemis 1 mission is an opportunity for NASA engineers to study all technical issues which can occur during launch and during flight. It is in fact onea test mission for the rocket Space Launch System (SLS) and for the Orion capsule.

The SLS rocket and Orion capsule will carry their first astronauts during the 2024 mission artemis 2. This will be similar to Artemis 1, but with passengers.

A year later, it’s Artemis 3’s turn to launch. This time, NASA is going to land astronauts near the south pole of the moon. The future inhabited lunar base will also be built here.

SOURCE: Space. com

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