Cloudy day but watch out for freezing fog tonight

According to the latest IRM weather forecast, clouds will slowly move inland in the afternoon and spread over the northwest half, while the southeast will still enjoy fairly bright skies. Maximum temperatures vary between 3°C in Hautes Fagnes and 6-7°C in the west.

The wind is weak in the southwest, and occasionally weak in the west and northwest.

In the evening clouds will cover most of the country, with only a few high clouds in the southeast. Frozen fog can occur in places at night. The minimum values ​​vary between -1 and -2°C in areas benefiting from Haute Fagne or land clearing, and +2°C at the seaside.


Friday will be cloudy again, with highs of 2°C in Hautes Fagnes and 8°C in the west, with light to moderate southwesterly winds.

Next weekend will be very cloudy but generally dry, with highs on the plains approaching 9°C.

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