“Cleanliness leaves much to be desired and youth in drugs”

Around the church, in the rue des Alliés, there are very often sad heaps on sidewalks and paths… “Unauthorized deposits are becoming a real problem,” confides Claudio Marini, administrator of the non-profit organization La Rochelle.

Deposits related to overcrowding in the rue des Alliés. – CH

It is no exaggeration to say that garbage bags abound on the sidewalks, despite Tibi’s many passages. For de Rovien, these deposits are collateral damage of a housing problem in rue des Alliés. “Many of the houses in the street were miners’ houses, so rather narrow and single-family homes. But today we allow the creation of real estate parks in these residences, creating 3 studios in one house. »

Claudio Marina.
Claudio Marina. -DR

And more housing also means… more waste. “Instead of managing the waste of one family, we now have to manage that of three households! I don’t blame them, far from it. The public road is the only place where they can store this waste, since these tenants, for example, do not have a garden to store it while waiting for it to be collected. Why not provide specific areas for these deposits, to avoid these open dumps? continues Claudio.

Illegal deposits are numerous in rue des Alliés.
Illegal deposits are numerous in rue des Alliés. – CH

A scary childhood

Another problem for Claudio, Rovienne’s childhood falls into bad habits. “There is no denying that there is drug trafficking going on in the neighborhoods. Young people are involved in this, also because the structures to guide them do not go looking for them. You have to go to them, not wait for them. Send educators to the streets when they go out at night, let them do more stimulating things than bathe in an unsafe climate bogged down in drug trafficking. »

It should be remembered that the Maison des Jeunes de Roux, supported by the city since 2019, has worked in recent years to revive the youth of Roux. “They are doing a great job, which should be emphasized,” concludes Claudio.

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