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Starting today, you will be able to block incognito tabs on Google Chrome for Android using your fingerprint.

This is very useful when you have open (incognito) tabs and switch to another application. In this case, you will have to verify your identity to view the tabs when you return to Chrome with your fingerprint or a PIN.

When locked, Chrome will display a gray screen with an incognito icon in the middle. one button Open incognito mode Bring the device screen lock sheet. “Verify your identity”, with the option to use your fingerprint or a PIN. Of course, you can also continue browsing normal tabs without opening incognito tabs. one button “See more tabs” under Open incognito mode lets you do that.

Why this

Incognito mode is useful to prevent the browser from tracking your online activity such as search history and cookies.

How to enable the feature

The ability to install incognito tabs is available in version 105 of Google Chrome for Android. To enable the feature, just go to the new menu for Lock Incognito Tabs When You Quit Chrome In Settings > Privacy and Security. If this setting is not available, go to chrome://flags (copy and paste into the address bar) and enable the following flag: #incognito-reauthentication-for-android.


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