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When they asked me to interview Narciso, aka Stefano Rinaldi, I was puzzled for a moment because he’s part of a world that doesn’t usually attend my programmes, which are mostly live. Then I watched his “make-up” video and read his story, where he wrote that he was eliminated from “Drag Race Italia” (which I didn’t know existed) and so he’s here on We Have a Dream live.

It was so beautifully presented and filled with perfectly matching colors that it surprised me. Enjoy the video.

Here is his biography:

Narciso, stage name of Stefano Rinaldi, drag singer and songwriter, encounters the art world from an early age, and begins studying dance and piano from the age of 4. Growing up, he more and more understands that his natural habitat is the stage. Thus many live experiences come to life with a band, vocal duet, and gospel choir.

After moving to Rome in 2016, he launched his career in the night world as a Drag Singer in some of the LGBTQIA+ scene’s most notorious realities.

In 2018, she won the male title of Queen of Italy. In 2021, he was among the finalists for the Songwriters category in front of jury co-chairs Mogul and Kara DioGuardi.

In August 2022 Narciso duets unscheduled with Arisa Day “great my love” During the concert of the artist from Basilicata in Frosinone. The video clip, which was filmed by the public, spread on social media and exceeded 874,000 views, and was reprimanded by some of the most important national newspapers.

Narciso is among the competitors in the second season of Drag Race Italia, the Italian version of the popular American talent created by RuPaul and dedicated to the world of Drag Queens, broadcast on Discovery+ starting October 20 led by judges Priscilla, Tommaso Zorzi and Chiara Francini.

On November 11, 2022, his first single was released Make-upIt was written with Roberto Casalino and produced by Francesco Tosoni for Indieffusione. The song is performed live on the same day as the release at Largo Venue in Rome during the evening “fresh milk”.

As a singer-songwriter, Narciso draws inspiration from everything that surrounds him emotionally and socially: sensations, impulses, fears, experiences, wounds and conquests, interpreting these stimuli with an introspective and, at the same time, anticipatory vision towards the future and rebirth, adding a retro touch and a sprinkle of shimmering glamor, Elements that characterize her transversal art style.

Inclusivity is certainly the most recurring theme in his lyrics, an essential way for the artist to give voice to all who have never been and be an inspiration to those who feel inadequate in a certain area of ​​their lives, don’t have the courage to express themselves for what they truly feel.

Narciso went viral on the web in the summer of 2022 due to his unscheduled duet with Arisa during a concert by Lucan, which reached the general public with his entry into the cast of the second season of Drag Race Italia

Always take care of yourself because you thereThe only important thing.

The rest is just blah blah blah blah can’t break your makeup”

Such is the message that Narciso, the first eliminator of Season 2 of Drag Race Italia, the homegrown version of the iconic American talent created by RuPaul, left to the other competitors on the Werk Room mirror after leaving the main stage of the program. A key phrase that Narciso took on his first single, a manifesto written with Roberto Casalino, as a universal message to all those who feel defeated in life.

You don’t necessarily need to win to make a mark on the world because each of us already has something divine within us to draw upon in order to transcend the judgments and expectations we meet and bump into every day.

“Make-up” It’s an invitation to shine even when you don’t feel like you fit into the context around us in an image-based society where stereotypes and prejudices are the order of the day. It is an advice to wear the dress in which one feels most comfortable in order to obsessively exceed expectations.

Narciso also stands out in the world of Drag: he has an androgynous style, he does not wear breast implants or a wig, and because of this, he often finds himself having to justify his way of being, just as it happens to each of us, in any environment or life situation in which we feel uncomfortable because outside the usual canons. Through music, along with makeup and an eye for fashion as a means of spreading an inclusive message of inclusivity and making the values ​​of the drag world usable outside of an exclusive environment, Narciso manages to be out of the box, inclusive, and accessible to anyone who wants to listen.

In the production of Francesco Tosoni “Make-up” framed in World Pop. The brilliance of synths blends with the warmth of analog instruments such as electric guitars and organ, typical of retro sound, to combine tradition and innovation, also reflecting in this aspect the style and universe of Narciso Dragee: retro glam soul studded with sparkling glitter.

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