“Change Management”, “The Solution Soon”. Syndicates and Confindustria on Ilva strike

There was only one strike in years Elva He moved in procession to the Palazzo di Città, the seat of the Municipality of TarantoWhich is 4 kilometers from the facility.

An indication that the cry of the 10 thousand workers of Taranto today is directed towards politics, and it is precisely the one that has so far halted the development of the largest iron and steel plant in Europe.

Participation in the strike 100% of related industries and more than 80% of workers. “All entrances were closed, and anyone who wanted to enter was forbidden. So the data is not importantsays the company.

The strike was called after meeting with Minister Orsowas held after the semi-government department (completely public ownership) announced the suspension of 145 offshore contracts with a consequent standstill for about 2,000 related workers, in addition to the 4,500 direct already laid off.

Dali’s remarks

“This morning’s strike was carried out in the name of the suffering and dignity of thousands of workers that have been overwhelmed by this crisis. – said the general secretary of Wim Sissel, Valerio Dillo -. We have confirmed that Ilva is in its historical production minimum, and site management is in decline. We cannot and do not want to witness the suffering of the iron and steel industry, we risk plunging Taranto into a very serious social and labor crisis. And for this – D’Alò added – We’re on strike across the group. The crisis is not an inevitable historical condemnation, it is the result of a series of mistakes by previous governments. This is the time to turn the page and build solutions to restore jobs and investments. And the loss of Taranto means a severe blow to all Italian metal business.”

“One cannot think that the steel industry, which generates profits for companies and high salaries throughout Europe, in Taranto translates into such serious precariousness and social insecurity.”Dali attacks. This time we are facing a strong and stable government, which is why we demand a reversal of the Ilva situation, with strong governance where those who invest lead the group. If the state is the main investor, it should have the power to make the decision. It is for this reason that finally on several fronts, including the public sector, there is a call for a change in corporate governance, ensuring the correct management of factories in a manner that guarantees the safety of workers and families inside and outside the factory. In light of the upcoming meeting of Acciaierie D’Italia shareholders, scheduled for Friday, we ask the government to be clear. resources there – concludes Daly – But I can’t give without changing management.”.

Finally, the Wim Cecil Indicates that the largest steel center in Europe needs skills and special topic to be able to work. The bet with Arcelor Mittal did not work out, but to do business you need special investments and skills to win in international markets such as steel.

Arriving under the municipality, having blocked the entrance to the city, the workers waited about two hours for the mayor of BD Melucci, who had been demanding the administration with the greens for some time to close the hot spot, ie. The death of the Taranto plant and unemployment for three quarters of workers. The neighboring establishment proves that to be the case cementclosed 5 years ago and since then no one has been able to relocate even 50 workers (let alone 10,000).

mayor Melucci As soon as he arrived he told the demonstrating unions,be good‘, a phrase which the workers took very badly, and in fact one of the Russian men from Wim answered him with a megaphone.They say he is not good for dogs, we are not dogs, he should be ashamed of the phrase he said, we are not murderers, it is enough for us to unite with Emiliano, the election is over.

We hope for a change in the pace of the new government compared to the previous government that only launched slogans without spoiling the dispute. – says the trade unionist Wim Vincent La Neff -. We also need to protect workers in the extraordinary administration.”

In fact, these were drawn up by the minister demayo In layoffs until 2023, but according to CEO Lucia Morselli, in the agreement made with Giuseppe Conte in March 2020 (the workers were never offered), reinstatement could have been skipped.

Emilian This morning during the strike he was in Taranto, but instead of going to the Elva workers he went to say hi to Pierfrancesco Favino who is filming Ray’s story about a captain X Max Salvatore Todaro (without being Enrico Montesano). The governor of Puglia asks with the mayor to nationalize the plant, so perhaps they can get them on the board of directors of the company, as they have just done with a Taranto city councilor without any managerial experience, being appointed to the board of the Pugliese Canal.

Instead, the President of Liguria intervened John Totti: “There is no point in working with imaginary choices that hold the irreconcilable together: if you want to go on maintaining steel, you have to relight the blast furnaces, you have to produce steel and work, and Genoa can’t wait for anything else.” In fact, the Elva workers were also on strike in Genoa.

Bonomi also gets involved

In addition to the trade unions, the President of Ilva also spoke this morning FederacciaiAnd the Antonio Jose:Taranto, from the point of view of the environmental investments made, is one of the first factories in the world. Today, the conditions for an industrial recovery plan are in place, but we have to decide who does it. We are no longer in the age of the glorious state partnerships of Genoa City and Finsider, reissuing something that no longer exists is inconceivable, but it could be that the state, in transition, decides to seriously intervene in that company and build the hypothesis of privatization in the term.

Rivas – summoned again Goiter They invested 350-400 million euros a year in Taranto and in other factories, because the iron and steel industry needs continuous investments to maintain the level of product quality and production safety. Unfortunately, there have been no investments in these factories during these 10 years, but very important investments have been made in the field of the environment and today the situation in Taranto is completely different than it was 10 years ago.

Confindustria Bonomi’s president also intervened on the same line: “As with many times in the past, continued uncertainty weighed on us for many years in which rumors about a return to nationalization were discussed. For Italy, it is essential to keep steel production in an integrated cycle. It is necessary – concludes Viale dell’Astronomia number one – to find a solution as quickly as possible, in the interest of workers and the supply chain. We have therefore publicly announced – the national industry association together with all regions in which Ilva operates – our readiness to find quick solutions aimed at ensuring a stable and solid market structure for the company.

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