Chainsaw Man presents his bloodiest action scene!

The last episode of chainsaw man caused more than one to respond. In the previous episode, Aki’s team was cornered by the Infinity Demon. Their only way out was to hand over Denji to the demon. Some on edge team members wanted it to be. Denji, tired of seeing so much tension, threw herself into the demon’s mouth. But it was not without the determination to fight.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains material from Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 7!!

Credits: MAPPA

blood and guts

After launching himself at the Infinity Demon, Denji was overrun. At first we realize that he has trouble injuring his opponent, due to the demon’s growth that just doesn’t seem to stop. Denji is so surprised that he loses blood and his chainsaws disappear. The demon’s attacks are numerous. But just as he is about to lose his footing, Denji bites into the flesh of the Infinity Demon. He discovers that this allows him to regenerate and even gain more energy.

Himeno lends him a hand by activating his chainsaw. Denji resumes his attacks. The two enemies will confront each other in a “perpetuum mobile”. Denji cuts up the Infinity Demon. The last to lose blood and flesh, which Denji feeds on in return. This movement lasted for three consecutive days. At the end of his power and suffering, the demon of infinity begged Denji to end it by offering him his heart. Cheering, the devil hunter granted his wish, allowing him and the rest of the team to leave the hotel. This sequence was storyboarded and animated by Keiichiro Watanabe. The latter is known for its crazy animation style. Most notably, he worked on Jujutsu Kaisen 0, a few episodes of One Punch Man, and Mob Psycho 100.

Who is Denji?

During their fight, the infinity demon had taken a great interest in Denji. He taunted him and said, “You are all weak compared to before.” Indicating that the two demons would know each other. The question arose on the side of the Devil’s Hunters. Himeno was surprised by his strength and the interest he inspires, both in Devil Hunters like Makima, and in the demons that haunt him. The following episodes will clarify the situation.


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