CES 2023: Peugeot will unveil the Inception, an electric concept of the future

Peugeot He will be present at CES 2023 in Las Vegas where he will show something more of his future. In fact, the premiere in the world It will unveil the incorporation concept, a prototype electric vehicle that anticipates the contents of its new battery-powered cars of the future. At the moment, the details of this prototype are still very sparse.

The French automaker said it would appear It takes advantage of the original electric platforms new generation forReinventing the entire automotive experienceMoreover, it looks like the concept will have some new technological solutions for the interior.

In fact, the automaker adds that the Inception “Profoundly redesigns the interior space, reinterprets the driving gestures around the new generation Peugeot i-Cockpit and creates new digital and physical experiences.So we can expect a hyperconnected cabin that will feature some advanced digital services.

Furthermore, the concept will also show a new design philosophy that we will find in the future on the new models of the French brand. Incorporation offer It will be held at CES on January 5th 11.00 pm (Italian time). The next day, January 6th at 9 am, there will be a digital presentation and discussion on the future of drugs with the “Peugeot Brand Forward” event.

What models will we see some of the innovations that will be shown within the concept for the first time? We’re quick to tell even if the French brand is working on the debut of some new electric models. Maybe we’ll know something more during the prototype show event. All that remains is to be patient for a little over a month to find out more details about Peugeot’s future.

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