Catherine Lamalle, emblematic figure of Outremeuse and pharmacist, died

Catherine Lamalle, a pharmacist in Outremeuse place Delcour, died last Monday evening of internal bleeding in her bed. She would celebrate her 53rd birthday on December 6.

“She was the victim of a stupid accident at home on her terrace on Saturday morning. She slipped on the wet ground and dead leaves while walking her dog. She had pain in her ribs and went to the doctor. I had dinner with her again on Monday afternoon before I heard the sad news. An unexpected, unexpected and far too quick death,” explains his brother Philippe Lamalle.

“She was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the acquisition of the pharmacy. Since the announcement of her death, customers have come to the pharmacy in tears to explain that Catherinne was so kind, so thoughtful,” he added. Catherine Lamalle had two children, Élisa and Victor and two brothers, Philippe and Denis, and still had her father, Armand.

Real poyete from Outremeuse

Catherine was also very involved in life in her neighborhood, the Outremeuse district. “She had bought the building next to her house that housed the former Greek restaurant “Alexander the Great” and converted it to place her pharmacy outside her private home. It had also bought the car park behind the building on which every August 15 festival in Outremeuse places a marquee. And she had asked the Free Republic of Outremeuse to write this slogan “When Tchantchès is in pain, he goes to the pharmacy of Lamalle” and we accepted. Catherine was kind and had her heart on her sleeve. The whole neighborhood is in shock,” said Christian Elaerts, former president of the Free Republic of Outremeuse, also shocked and saddened.

Christian Elaerts. – FB

“She was a partner, a friend. She was sunny, generous, thoughtful, gave good advice and you could party with her. How many times have we been crazy? She was a real poetess from Outremeuse. She wouldn’t have wanted us to laugh. So we’re going to drink a friss pékèt to his health ”, says Catherine Fourneaux, the boss of the “Petit grand bazaar” in Neuvice, very moved.

Catherine Lamalle, kissed by Catherine Fourneaux (in orange) on the
Catherine Lamalle, kissed by Catherine Fourneaux (in orange) at the “Petit grand bazaar” in Neuvice. – FB

Catherine Lamalle was also a “Tchant Chorette” “The Tchant Chorettes share their infinite sadness with you. We just lost our TchantchoCath aka Catherine Lamalle. She was our pillar, our role model. Always smiling, always ready, always listening, always rallying the troops! Always looking for good ideas, it was joy of life and kindness incarnation. How we will miss you! She breathed Tchantchorette, she perspired Tchantchorette, she shone Tchantchorette. Now she will make Tchantchorette shine forever,” says Nathalie Maus, Tchantchorette, on her Facebook page.

Catherine Lamalle at Mati l'Ohé's funeral
Catherine Lamalle at Mati l’Ohé’s funeral – FB

Catherine Lamalle rests at the De Lahaye funeral home, rue Surlet, 26 in Outremeuse. The visits will take place this Thursday and Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm. The religious ceremony will take place this Saturday at 10:30 am at the Saint-Léonard church in Hony (Esneux).

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