Casting dancers for an evening of friends: how to participate

I’m open Casting dancers for a friends evening. They seek each other professional dancers, Able to support choreographies that will be shown during primetime dates with the next stage of the talent show led by Maria De Filipe.

To access the castings for the dancers of the Amici evening, you must completely fill out the form available on WittyTV, indicating your data in order to be contacted for an audition produced by the programme.

During the registration phase it will also be necessary to indicate the years of study and link any YouTube videos and social profiles. You will then need to upload two foreground photos, one close-up and one full size.

Then you need to upload a file Dance videos. The video must be current and represent the artistic expression of the individual, based on this, the first selection will be made. The dancer who takes part in the act must be clearly visible in the video he proposes and be instantly recognizable.

You will then find yourself in front of a space where the Amici di Maria De Filippi production invites you to tell your story through a short script. Here it will be necessary to talk about oneself, about one’s own passions and aspirations, about everything that can be useful for choices for an evening of amici.

Let’s remember that they are looking for each other Professional dancers Who can support competitors, not ambitious talent show competitors, as the cast is different from them. Finally, it will be necessary to read and accept the Privacy Policy, which is a mandatory step before submitting the application. It will not be possible to proceed without checking the appropriate box.

Friends evening will begin, as always, in the spring. The exact date has not been reported.

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