Cash ceiling raised, but banks are indifferent. Batuili (ABI) calls for a European cap

With the latest budget maneuver, which determines the allocation of economic resources for 2023, the government has decided to raise the limit on cash payments to 5,000 euros. Flag scale: Over the years this threshold has been raised or lowered according to the political sensitivity of the party in government, without careful reasoning.

This is also why during the inaugural address to the Payments Hall, The president of the Italian Banking Association (ABI), Antonio Batuelli, proposed a European cap. “We ask Europe for common rules’, so that it is not up to the individual states to set this threshold individually. Anyway,”Paper money is a possibility that should always be given to the citizens. The new sukuk do not replace the previous sukuk from a legal point of view“.

The deputy general manager of the Bank of Italy, Piero Cipollone, was more ambiguous, answering on the matter “Monetary increase is a political choice“as banks”We must provide reliable, safe and effective tools as possible“.

Pressed on the idea of ​​a European roof, which was proposed a few minutes ago, Cipollone argues that “The standard might be useful, but I feel like we are very differentReferring to the various countries of the European Union.People’s preferences depend on historical facts“.

Even Mastercard’s Italian chief executive Michele Centemiro shrugged off the question, preferring to focus on what companies like Mastercard intend to do to encourage electronic payments.

We look to simplify everyday life.” Centemero said. “We are a scheme that must open up consumer choice and freedom of choice, even with threshold levels that are constantly changing over the years. We are working towards a smoother day for the end user“.

More bluntly, however, Bancomat CEO Alessandro Zullo said accordingly The cash limit is not a problem and nothing affects electronic payments.

cash cap [a noi] little interestHe said during a group session with other Italian lender executives.As CEO of Bancomat, I’m cold. For what we do, those with an average ticket price of €49, the €1,000 or €5,000 ceiling makes no difference. need of the common citizen – continue – is to have money: our duty is to secure it“.

Of the same opinion Stefano Stoppani, Country Director of Visa Italia appears: “If the legislator thinks that there are many Italians who want to walk around with 5 or 10 thousand euros in their pockets, that’s fine. This is not our goalStephanie stressed that:There is a desire for digital payments and I think we as an industry need to understand how we can work together to take the next step“.

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