Can you spot the hidden marshmallow in this optical illusion? You only have 10 seconds

The frog puzzle has challenged quite a few people with only 5 seconds of time available. However, it is not the latter alone that determines the difficulty of the challenge, as it can also be the image itself that is difficult to solve. However, as always, in fact The subject is right in front of you.

In this episode, which brings back the date able to spend some time without worries, we present to you the mystery of the marshmallow, which has found its place among the seals. The latter happily go about their daily lives, to the point of wearing neckties, hats, and ties, as well as having some meals. The animals didn’t notice your presence, however You only have 10 seconds before they do. Don’t worry: it’s actually just a trivial still image, but now it’s time for the challenge to find the marshmallow.

We remind you that if you want to have a healthy competition, maybe to spend some quality time with your family, you might like it Use a stopwatch. You should not have any problems using this feature from your smartphone. On the one hand, it’s easy to take a few seconds to find a marshmallow, but the challenge becomes even more important if you decide to count even the milliseconds, as far as they can be accurately indicated. Obviously there is no point in cheating, because the only purpose is also to have fun and not think for a moment about what is happening in the classic routine.

Have you reached this point and can’t spot the marshmallow? Come on, try to get a better look at it left half of the image. You will see that with this guide someone will be able to track down the topic in “half a second”, as some users can write in the comments.

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