“Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation, no strings attached”. Phil Spencer’s word

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer gave a lengthy interview to The Verge. Touched many times, from the Xbox to the metaverse to a Progressive Web App (PWA), But the main point can only relate to acquiring Activision And the future of some games, notably Call of Duty.

Regarding the acquisition, the interviewer points out that one of the objections raised by regulators is that The acquisition of Activision could help significantly reduce competition in the computer and video game distribution markets.

Without going into too many details–“I am a player, not a lawyer.” Spencer stressed – the CEO was trying to dismiss the allegations and give an alternative view of the deal.

While everyone is focusing on Activision and, in particular, Call of Duty, The real crux of the matter would be the takeover of King and the Candy Crush saga. An acquisition that doesn’t create problems, given Microsoft’s very few hands in the mobile sector.

I don’t think I have to spend too many words to show how disconnected we are, right now, from mobile gaming. Anyone who has tried to download a smartphone game already knows this. “If we do not gain prominence in this sector, our business as game creators will become unsustainable over time.”Spencer said.

The idea of ​​Activision buying Call of Duty is a misconception spread by our main competitor and some members of his base. Look at what Take-Two did with Zynga: With this acquisition, they put themselves in a position to develop great games for PC, consoles, and mobile. The great contribution Activision can give us is just that“.

Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation as long as the PlayStation brand continues to exist

Despite this alternative point of view, Spencer still wanted to emphasize the fact that Call of Duty will remain a cross-platform game: “My idea is to get Call of Duty also on PlayStation and Switch. “If we look at Activision’s financials, it’s clear that Call of Duty should also remain on PlayStation.” Spencer pointed out. “I stand ready to provide as much reassurance as possible to Sony and all regulators.

Microsoft has promised Call of Duty on PlayStation for another three years. For Sony, the offer is ‘inadequate’

Go deep

I have exposed myself many times, publicly, To confirm that Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation for as long as the PlayStation brand existsThen follow the manager.

With Call of Duty, we want to do what we’ve already done with Minecraft. Despite the acquisition, Minecraft is available for all systems on the market. That’s what we want to do with Call of Duty, and the goal is to include it in GamePass.

Christmas is going to be tough for those who intend to buy an Xbox Series X. Series S availability is much higher

The interview then touched on the topic of the console’s availability in the coming weeks: According to Spencer, Xbox Series S availability will be high during the holiday season, While the Xbox Series X will still be hard to find.

Xbox Series S can be easily found in the market. We already have stock ready for the holiday season. As for the Xbox Series X, it’s still hard to find, and that won’t get any better during the holiday seasonsays the manager.

In terms of console numbers, there’s also the matter of a slowdown in the global economy and the potential impact that it will have on the sector. The effect, according to Spencer, will undoubtedly be there: “We sell entertainment, not necessities, editor It is normal for this type of activity to slow down in a period of economic constraints. “

However, video games interact better than other sectors, also considering the excellent quality / price ratio. Hourly entertainment spending is pretty low, with a video game. But we’re still closely watching the global economic situation, and we can’t rule out the possibility that families will at some point move away from video games.

Keystone: The project failed because a console designed only for streaming was too expensive

Among the many topics covered in the interview, there is also mention of Keystone, Microsoft’s streaming game console.

Rejected project, mainly because of a price question: “Keystone was much more expensive than we could have hoped for. With the Xbox Series X starting at $299, Keystone would have to be a lot cheaper to make sense. We preferred to transfer the money to Samsung’s TV app, and we’re very happy with the results.

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