BYD will launch two new electric vehicle brands in 2023

BYD It continues to grow rapidly. The Chinese brand has recently She celebrated the coup of her NEV (New Energy Vehicles – Both electric models and 100% plug-in plug-in) No. 3 million. This is an important milestone for the automaker that has been pushing hard on battery-powered vehicles.

Oddly enough, the 3 millionth model to come off the production lines was a BYD stamp delivered into the hands of Wang Shuang, the soccer player who was named the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Player of the Year in 2018.

In celebration of this important milestone, BYD let this be recognized Yangwang will give birth, a premium brand targeting the luxury market. Its first model will be launched in The first quarter of 2023 BYD notes that it will be able to deliver “exceptional performance.”

Unfortunately, the automaker has refused to provide more details of the first model to be offered under the premium brand “Yangwang” (reckless deeds speak of SUVs). Since it is expected to debut in the first quarter of 2023, more information is likely to arrive in the coming months.

However, BYD does not want to stop there because it intends to launch another new brand. It will be first introduced in 2023 and will focus on customization in order to meet the diversified demand of consumers. The brand will benefit from co-creation with users. The name has not been revealed yet but the short description suggests that it will work on creating custom models.

Currently, BYD has expanded its presence in electric vehicles to more than 400 cities, in 70 countries and regions on 6 continents. As we have seen recently, the Chinese brand has an ambitious expansion plan in Europe, where it currently offers the HAN, TANG and ATTO 3 models. The new Seal will also arrive in 2023.

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