Boycott 70% of merchants

According to a study by the Syndicat Neutre pour Indépendants (SNI), 7 out of 10 merchants will not participate in Black Friday. For Valérie Raes, manager of the Chipito store in Namur, this phase-out period is detrimental to her business. “If Black Friday only lasted one day, it would be sustainable. But two weeks of promotion is impossible! »

Still, forgoing Black Friday represents a significant opportunity cost. “Traders tell themselves that if they don’t participate, the money customers have spent elsewhere cannot be used to buy products from them. “, explains Ingrid Poncin, professor at the Louvain School of Management at UCLouvain.

Specifically, either the retailer joins, or it risks losing potential customers, often to the benefit of e-commerce sites. “In November we notice an increase in the sale of online sales sites of about 25 to 30%. Because the audience online is even more volatile, that’s where the most impressive promotions can be found. In summary, I would say that Black Friday is a bad time for traders,” the expert concludes.


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