Boy uses it to call for help after falling 45 metres

Stories of lives saved by Apple Watches are becoming more frequent: today, for example, another story arrives directly from India, where a boy was rescued by It fell from a height of 45 metreswhich would otherwise have been fatal to him, directly from his smartwatch.

The protagonist of the story is Smit Meetha, an Indian teenager who has taken an out-of-town trip She fell from a cliff 45 meters deep: narrowly surviving the fall, Mitha explained to Benzinga Microphones that he found himself unable to move due to two broken ankles and that he could not find his iPhone, which had remained in a friend’s backpack. If he stays at the bottom of the crack without asking for helpHowever, he would definitely die due to lack of water or food.

for this boy Use Apple Watch Series 7 to alert rescuers, and to use it to contact his parents and three friends who were with him during the trip. In the end, Meetha was rescued and rescued by the friends, along with rescuers who reached the trekking area, about 80 kilometers from the city of Mumbai.

after recovery, Mitha wrote an email to the CEO of AppleTim Cook, thanking him and his company for the technologies built into the Apple Watch that saved his life. Incredibly, an official response arrived from Cook himself a few days later, who thanked the boy for sharing his story with the Cupertino company and the media.

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