BOMB price for Black Friday on Amazon

Great price for the great new iPhone 14 Homepage apple. On the occasion of the crazy Black Friday sale on Amazon, the low-cost flagship of the new generation series You can go home for only €907. We point out that it is a product that is sold and shipped from the site itself, so you will not have to pay anything extra. Only the (reduced) cost of the phone. This is it.

iPhone 14: A great discount on a smartphone gem

Needless to say, this is the lowest price ever recorded Amazon; It has the guarantee of the site, so it means that you can take advantage of all the exclusive benefits that the Jeff Bezos portal reserves for its clients.

First of all, we advise you to subscribe to the Amazon Prime platform so that you never pay shipping costs on items marketed on the site. You’ll also have the opportunity to use Prime Video’s video-on-demand platform for free, and as mentioned, you’ll also enjoy two years of technical assistance on what you’re buying. For any issue, just contact support to get all the help you need.

iPhone 14

Also, for the first twelve months after purchase, you’ll enjoy the ability to go to any Apple Store in the world to get the help you need.

We also remind you that you can defer the payment of the smartphone in convenient installments with Cofidis or with the internal service, and finally, you can use the free return until January 31, 2023.

iPhone 14 is the smartphone everyone wants today; It costs only 907.00 eurosIt has 128 GB of memory, all the latest technology of the American brand, and has two excellent 12MP cameras, each of which shoots 4K HDR video, Slow Motion, Cinema Mode, and much more. Take advantage of this offer before the discount expires and return to its initial price (€1,079.00).

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