Boiling Europe, summer 2022 is the hottest on record

The summer of 2022 was one of the hottest summers ever recorded in the world. Not the hottest thanks to La Niña alone, but without his contribution the flag would surely have broken all previous records. Records which, however, never existed Europethe hardest-hit continent ever (not even the first time) according to reports from the European Union’s Copernicus Earth Observing Programme, with temperatures exceeding 40°C in the UK for the first time in modern history causing even flights to be suspended due to the asphalt being melted by the heat.

So for Europe it can be said: The summer of 2022 was the hottest on record. I 20,000 heat deaths in France, Germany, Spain and the United KingdomThe estimate was made by comparing summer 2022 data with average data from previous years and their intersection with hot days. Experts say the number is too high to attribute to a disruptive phenomenon like global warming.

United Kingdom: 40.3°C on July 19, 2022, which is a previous record of 38.7°C in 2019

Europe’s high temperatures can only be attributed to climate change, say the world’s weather referral scientists: They’rePractically impossiblewithout a rise in temperature.

Eunice Law from the University of Bristol explains how humans have to adapt to long-term heat waves:

This includes designing homes, schools and hospitals that are well ventilated and preventing overheating, increasing green spaces and parks in cities, and expanding heat wave warnings for everyone.

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