Bluetti’s advice for living off the grid

In the midst of an energy crisis, when all we talk about is the need to reduce consumption and ration electricity, energy independence is a viable alternative to the national electricity grid for a number of reasons. for the first time savings, But also certainty meet their own energy needs independently.

Increasingly expensive bills and the nightmare of not having electricity when you need it most are the background for An unprecedented crisis that afflict Italian families. However, there is a solution: Energy independence from the national electricity grid, making use of renewable energy sources and storage devices. And more and more people are moving in this direction.

What does it mean to be off the grid

There are more and more Italian families who would like to be able to Out of network coverage. They are those who choose to completely disconnect from the national electricity grid – or at least remove – through less electricity use for the benefit other forms of energy. So they came back as champions Renewable energy sourceswith a positive effect on billing. Consumption is reduced, spending is reduced.

But that’s not all: off the grid one too Green selection. You reduce your environmental footprint and leave a better world for future generations. Choosing off the grid means, in effect, home furnishing 100% green and sustainable energyfor example by exploiting solar energy.

5 tips for preparing for life off the grid

From a simple desire, off grid becomes a need in the current scenario. But how do we prepare? Ploiti, A leader in the off-grid energy sector, He suggests five steps to prepare for life off the grid. Backed by 10 years of work and research in the field and a large offering of solar energy storage generators, here’s what needs to be done before the full transition.

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Make your home 100% electric

We need to be able to do that Reliance on a single source of energy, electricity. So Bluetti suggests switching to electric and giving up gas. In the kitchen you will need to install an induction hob, and for heating you will need a heat pump, which moreover guarantees higher energy efficiency than gas heating systems.

Before giving up the gas, it is necessary to check the total energy of the meter in your home, which may require a technical intervention aimed at increasing it.

Reduce consumption and increase home energy efficiency

is being Energy independent inevitably lead to the need to reduce consumption, Starting with small daily habits. Standby devices also consume power. Therefore, it will be necessary to take some precautions in the daily life of all family members, such as: turning off lights in unused rooms, unplugging lamps and appliances, vacuum cleaners and the like.

In the case of purchasing new devices, it will be necessary to pay attention to the energy class, and choose the new generation of high power class.

Thermal insulation of the house

Bluetti’s third tip is to give advice Thermally insulate your homeIe isolated. In fact, the reason for wasting energy can also be that the house is not completely thermally insulated: the heat generated inside the house quickly dissipates outside if the structure is not properly insulated. It is possible to resort to an outer layer or to plan restructuring activities to reduce heat escape (in winter) and reduce the entry of external heat (in summer).

Install a photovoltaic system or use portable/mobile solar panels

At this point, the home is ready to convert to an alternative energy source. You can choose to install complete photovoltaic systems or, if this is not possible, mobile (or portable) photovoltaic panels, the alternative which also guarantees a certain flexibility: they are applied to external surfaces and can be easily moved.

Not everyone knows that the installation of photovoltaic panels is part of the 2022 Home Bonus. All interested parties can therefore request contributions from the Government and the European Union (available through the Restructuring Bonus, Superbonus 110%, Ecobonus 65%) for efficiency and energy renewal in your home.

Equip yourself with a high capacity electricity storage system

Bluetti’s last tip is for electricity storage, Which must necessarily accumulate so that they are available when needed. After thinking about the power supply and making small adjustments in the daily life at home, it is actually necessary to think about maintaining the power supply properly.

Bluetti offers solutions that are modular, easy to handle and intuitively manageable, able to adapt to the needs of every home. The company offers the AC300 model, 100% modular, to which up to 4 B300 battery modules can be connected, thus obtaining a total storage capacity of 12288Wh. Simply put: With a single unit, it is possible to run an oven for 3 hours, a refrigerator for 10 hours, and a microwave to heat up to 45 meals.

If the consumer needs to save more energy, Bluetti’s advice is to opt for the EP600 model, which is modular like the previous model and modular vertically up to a maximum capacity of 79 kWh. This model is powered by B500 batteries, which have a higher capacity than the B300, and are able to meet the power needs of an average home for up to a week.

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