Black Friday 2022: Up to 10TB of cloud storage and 85% off pCloud

If you’re looking for secure cloud storage, you’ll quickly come across pCloud! The storage provider is offering big discounts of up to -85% on Black Friday 2022. That’s enough to make big savings on their various products, which range from 500GB to 10TB of cloud storage.

Good deal pCloud Black Friday 2022: Up to 85% off
Up to 10 TB of online storage

Editor’s note: This article was produced as part of a business partnership between pCloud and NextPit.

pCloud is built in Switzerland but the company has chosen Luxembourg as the location for its servers, which obliges the company to comply with provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This ensures that your data is not used for analytics or commercial purposes – and is actually deleted when you want to remove it from your storage. For this purpose, pCloud offers you applications to download for practically all platforms.

How does pCloud work on Smartphone, PC/Mac, etc…?

In this article, we’ve used pCloud on both macOS and iPhone. But pCloud also offers free apps for the following platforms:

  • Microsoft
  • macOS
  • linux
  • robot
  • iOS
  • As a browser extension for: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge
  • From any browser via

With apps, you can sync your data automatically. / © pCloud / Screenshot: NextPit

Thanks to various pCloud apps, you can automatically sync your photos and videos to the secure cloud. Since you can create five accounts with a single subscription, pCloud is ideal for backing up family photos together in the cloud or creating a secure storage place for the whole family on the network.

How does pCloud ensure your data is protected?

pCloud calls itself “Europe’s Most Secure Online Storage”. The provider ensures this on the one hand through its headquarters in Switzerland, a country with particularly strict data protection laws, and on the other hand through a secure server infrastructure. Data is protected with TLS/SSL encryption when downloading and transmitting, and particularly sensitive data can be secured using pCloud encryption.

pcloud head office in switzerland screenshot of google maps

pCloud headquarters in Switzerland! / © Apple Maps / Screenshot: NextPit

In a private folder, files are encrypted and downloaded from the client side – that is, you. To open the files, you will then need a security key associated with your account. Since pCloud does not know it at any time, the data is only visible to you. However, if you want to use this function, you must add it to your storage subscription – here you also get great discounts during Black Friday 2022.

pCloud lifetime subscription

Another advantage of pCloud is that the provider offers lifetime subscriptions. Whereas with other cloud solutions you pay monthly or annually, here you avoid ongoing costs with a one-time payment. On Black Friday, you’ll pay €139 for a 500GB subscription instead of the usual €570. Savings 76%. With the same reduction, the 2 TB subscription rises from 1,150 euros to 279 euros.

Good deal pCloud Black Friday 2022: Up to 85% off
Up to 10TB of secure cloud storage

But by choosing a lifetime subscription with 10TB of storage, you’ll save on Black Friday 2022, with an 85% discount. Then the price increases from 6,000 euros to only 890 euros. These promotions are valid from now until November 30, 2022.

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