Black Friday 2022: This big price drop finally makes this flagship interesting

The Xiaomi 12X is currently 127 euros cheaper on Amazon for Black Friday 2022. This lighter version of the Xiaomi 12 is on sale for 549.90 euros instead of 677.01. I checked this good technical plan for you.

  • The strikethrough price has not been increased and thereal saving is actually 250€
  • The expiration date of the offer is not specified but supplies can run out quickly
  • The Xiaomi 12X is sold and shipped by Amazon

The Xiaomi 12X is a less powerful version of the Xiaomi 12. It features an Amoled FHD+ 120 Hz display, a Snapdragon 870 SoC, a 50 MP triple photo module, a 4500 mAh battery and 67 W fast charging. read full Xiaomi 12X review.

Xiaomi has positioned its Xiaomi 12X in such a confusing way that it is usually difficult to recommend it against its competitors. But this promotion makes it interesting because despite everything, it remains a good high-end smartphone with a compact and sleek design, a very nice screen, remarkable autonomy and even more than sufficient photo quality. If you don’t necessarily want the latest specs, the Xiaomi 12X might be for you.

How much do you actually save on the Xiaomi 12X?

Amazon is currently offering the Xiaomi 12X for 549.90 instead of 677.01. By looking at the price history on the comparator, we see that the Xiaomi 12X with this promo actually cost 799.99 euros. That’s more than the strike-through price, meaning this deal actually saves just over £250 instead of just £127.

This promo is therefore very interesting as it significantly improves the value for money of the Xiaomi 12X and puts it in a more relevant price range compared to what it offers.

Is the seller of this promo reliable?

The Xiaomi 12X is marketed and shipped directly by Amazon. So don’t worry about the reliability of the offer and your order.

What do you think of this promo? Does the Xiaomi 12X seem interesting to you at this price?

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