Black Friday 2022 for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has already started on Amazon

Waiting to understand how they will be amazon discounts on black friday 2022, It must be said that there are already products out there with rather interesting prices like the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, the latest fitness tracker created by the Chinese company. We’ve been watching how much this fitness bracelet costs on Amazon for months, and today’s offer is undoubtedly one of the most attractive in circulation. Going deeper into the question, it can be seen that we are talking about the lowest price of this Xiaomi Mi Band 7 so far on the famous e-commerce site.

You can already smell Black Friday 2022 for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 on Amazon: updated price to date

still falls pricetherefore, compared to what has been reported Since a week. In fact the final cost 46.90 euros And considering 59.90 from its arrival on the market, we can finally talk about a great discount for this fitness tracker. Availability on Amazon is immediate and within a few days it will be delivered to your home without additional shipping costs. There are all necessary guarantees and if it does not meet your needs, it can also be returned by January 31, 2023.

Therefore, it is now up to you to decide whether to focus on the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 at the price offered by Amazon, but it is also good to highlight the technical characteristics that make it up. First of all, it has a large 1.62 inch HD AMOLED display, There is a choice of over 100 dynamic watch facesHowever, the most important aspect of this fitness tracker is health tracking. In fact, Xiaomi Mi Band 7 supports continuous monitoring of blood oxygen level (SpO2), heart rate as well as sleep quality.

Not only that, because he is able to keep his stress level under control and above all else Blood oxygen saturation (SpO₂) Which is a major indicator of a person’s overall health. Obviously, being a fitness tracker, Xiaomi Mi Band 7 records all parameters related to 120 professional sports modes in detail.

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