Bitcoin Loses 4%, Ethereum 7%

The FTX situation continues to push the cryptocurrency market lower, which records a new crash on Monday, November 2022.

The Bitcoin at the time of writing is losing 3.48% Compared to yesterday, it is trading at $16,069.96, recording a total decrease of 4.11% on a weekly basis.

Also a sharp drop in Ethereum Which approaches the threshold of $1,000 and loses 7.52%, and is trading at $1,116.57. For the second most important coin in the market, the past seven days have been marked by declines, with losses of 11.23%.

BItcoin and Ethereum are also pulling altcoins lowerThis is the case for Cardano, which lost 6.39% and is now trading at $0.3047, while Dogecoin lost 9.67% and collapsed to $0.07575. Instead, Polygon lost 7.71%, to $0.7984.

The distraction of Crypto, which lost nearly $400 million in Ethereum, could influence this trend.

In short, the market appears to be far from the glories of the past few years when Bitcoin and its co-investors were well above current levels. Obviously in such cases it is difficult to predict what will happen over the next few days and weeks and expert opinions differ.

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