Berserk joins the OST family on Spotify!

Things have been going well lately Berserk. After Netflix, it is the turn of Swedish music streaming giant Spotify to highlight the first animation of Kentaro Miura’s manga. And yes ! To follow in the footsteps of Netflix (after adding the 1997 anime to its catalog following a partnership with Nippon TV), Spotify is adding the first Berserk soundtrack to its catalog! Read more about this absolutely good news for Dark Knight fans.

Credit: Kentarō Miura

Spotify and Anime OST albums

Spotify’s catalog, which can be searched by artists, albums or even with the “custom playlist” feature, is filled with millions of songs. Among these pieces are those from the world of japanimation. Indeed, on Spotify you could consult classics such as Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Mobile Suit Gundam or even Bleach. The family of anime music present on the platform is therefore growing with the addition of Berserk.

Things You Should Know About Berserk’s OST Album Now Available On Spotify

The Berserk soundtrack that Spotify took an interest in is the brainchild of songwriter Susumu Hirasawa. Considered to this day as one of the best in the history of Japanese animation, it allows you to musically experience the atmosphere created around Guts, Griffith, Casca and other famous characters of the Troupe du Faucon . It therefore seemed normal for Spotify to choose it, since it is the 1997 animation to which it was dedicated that will be added to the Netflix catalog.

This addition is part of the two giants’ approach to add the greatest classics of Japanese animation to their various catalogues. In view of this, it is therefore important to note that classics such as Monster of Ouran High School Host Club will soon be available on the platform. This popularity of Berserk greatly delights fans of the work. The possibility of an animation as good as that of 1997 still remains their dearest wish. Meanwhile, the strange countdown timer keeps ticking on the official Berserk site. So surprises are coming!


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