BeReal: what it is and how it works

A new social network is also breaking out here to become the phenomenon of the moment, BeReal. (Yes, it does have the period in the name, though it’s often omitted.) In our article we will see how it was born, what is its mission, how it works and how to register.

When was BeReal born?

The app was born in December 2019 and only recently became popular in the US and now here too. It is available for free for Android and iOS devices.

Why is BeReal different from other social networks?

The name of this new French app says it all; “BeReal” translated into our language means “to be real”. The kernel of this new proposal is all here: a social network in which all trappings and charlatanism are prohibited and which leaves room only for spontaneity and reality.

Quite different from solutions like Instagram with its filters and TikTok with its choreographed ballets. With BeReal users do not have Nor is the possibilityAnd the Nor the weather To select picks and subtractions. The goal and motto of this social network is simple: show your friends who they really are and Not for how they look.

No more influencers, fake holidays, sponsorships, filters and heavily edited snaps, the app tries to encourage interactions between people who already know each other in the real world.

How does BeReal work?

Be real tutorials

be realistic. It works in a very intuitive way and at the beginning a short tutorial is shown explaining the work of the social network:

The rules are very simple: When you receive the notification, once a day, at a random but contemporary moment for you and your friends, You have two minutes to create a postin whatever situation and wherever you are at that moment.

It will be included in the post All you see front and back camera. Once you take the photo, you can just choose whether you want to show it only to your friends or to everyone and whether or not to allow geotagging (which is really very subtle).

The post can also be delayed But this will be indicated by writing indicating it. If you skip posting a photo today and until it is posted, you will not be able to access photos posted by our contacts and other users in the same period of time.

Among the information attached to the post, Our friends will also be able to see the number of attempts that predicted the chosen shot. Everything about Bereal is designed to push users to the limit of spontaneity.

else: With each new BeReal notification, content previously posted by you and your friends will no longer be viewable, but you will always have access to old content.”RealityYou can also download it.

At BeReal there is no “Such asUsers can reply to posts using RealMoji They are self-portraits in which classic emoji expressions are reproduced. Basically every time you interact with a post you have to put your face on it.

There is also the ability to add written comments to posts but the functionality is not advertised much by the app. In the department “exploreIt is possible to browse and see Reals taken around the world by all other users.

Is BeReal a boring social network?

Answer: It could be: Our average life is generally pretty boring, and it’s not likely that taking a picture at a random time of the day is going to make us or our friends anything crazy or epic. BeReal reminds us of this: so are our lives and the lives of our friends All in all very similardoes not consist of fancy restaurant dinners, vacations in exotic places, and crazy experiences but often consists of Many small and precious everyday moments.

It’s clearly not a suitable social network for those who take a couple of hundred snaps before posting one or for those who don’t leave the house if they don’t have every perfect lock. BeReal will show us who we know differently, more authenticand perhaps even help those who are more insecure manifest themselves more naturally.

How do you make money with BeReal?

The nice thing about this social network is: There are no ads, influencers and sponsorships. There are no basic ways to monetize content and that’s totally fine.

Those who share their snaps on BeReal are not doing so to make money or to show off but to share the moments of their day with the whole community and with their friends.

How to sign up for BeReal?

If you also want to enter this world, even just to see how it works and if there are already friends of yours, then you need to register.

To sign up for BeReal:

  • First you need to download the app for Android or iOS;
  • After installation, you can launch it and the app will show you a series of screens showing how that particular social network works (since we explained it in detail above, you can press “skips“);
  • You will be asked to enter your name, then your date of birth, immediately after the phone number (each time you will have to press “continue” lowest);
  • After entering the number and pressing “continueYou will receive a code via SMS to enter;
  • Once you enter it, you will be able to place it Username (you can change it later);
  • Then you will see your contacts who use BeReal;
  • And you can make your first SR.

How to opt out of BeReal?

Self BeReal did not convince youDeleting your account is quick and easy.

BeReal Delete Account

To opt out of BeReal:

  • Click in the upper right on the point that represents your account to enter the profile;
  • Click on the three dots at the top right.settings“;
  • Then click on the itemContacts” Come on “delete my account“;
  • Inside the dedicated section, it says that the account will be completely deactivated for 14 days, and reactivated on first access. If you do not access it, it will be permanently deleted;
  • You can confirm deletion of your BeReal account and proceed by selecting “YES I am sure“.

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