Behind this breathtaking €36 smartwatch is Xiaomi (and it shows)

One smart watches Do not expect that you can get it by spending very little. However, thanks hands Xiaomi, that is entirely possible. In fact, this wearable is made by the Haylou brand, which gravitates directly within the ecosystem of the Chinese giant. If you add a promotional moment to an already excellent balance between quality and price, the bargain will be served.

It has a stylish design and a large screen job flow Dedicated to sports, health and notification management, you can now take it home for just €36 Amazon. To take advantage of it, just check the coupon on the page and complete the order instantly. Shipments are fast and completely free, guaranteed by Prime services. Availability in very limited supply.

From Xiaomi, a great smartwatch at a discount

Wear it on your wrist and keep all the notifications on your smartphone under control. Thanks to him, it will not be necessary to pick it up every time it turns on. From the large screen, you can easily read all incoming alerts. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just that.

Indeed, this sleek device is ready to become your closest digital ally. Choose from many Sports modes Available what interests you most, training, performance monitoring, logging all data within the smartphone app. It will take care of all your devices and you can refer back to the information whenever you want.

However, he is ready to be your most reliable assistant health and luxury. Heart rate monitoring, heart rate monitoring The amount of oxygen in the blood And also check the quality of the night’s rest.

Other than that, this wearable comes with a lot of other features for you to discover. Excellent quality at a very small price for this smart watches part of the ecosystem Xiaomi. Don’t miss your chance to get it now Amazon For about 36 euros: check the coupon on the page and quickly complete the order to take advantage of it, shipments are fast and completely free, guaranteed by Prime services. Availability in a very limited promotion.

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