Becciu is investigating a criminal organization. And a shock recording with Bergoglio appears

Cardinal Angelo Becciu is being investigated, along with some family members, for criminal association in a line of investigation launched by Vatican Justice Minister Alessandro Diddi in parallel with the trial over the management of Secretariat of State funds and the sale of a building in central London. It was the prosecutor himself who confirmed this at the opening of the 37th hearing of the trial, referring to the outcome of the request for mutual legal assistance sent to the Vatican by the Sassari Tribunal. Investigations into loans and donations issued by the Secretariat of State and sent to the Diocese of Ozieri through the Spes Cooperative, led by Beccius’ brother Antonino. During the hearing there was also a telephone conversation between the Cardinal and the Pope, recorded without the Pope’s knowledge on July 24, 2021, twenty days after the delicate procedure Bergoglio had suffered at the Gemelli Polyclinic and three days before opening of the procedure. In the call, recorded by the cardinal’s niece’s cellphone, Becciu is said to have complained to the pope: “They have already sentenced me, it is useless for the trial to take place.” The cardinal also reportedly asked the pope to confirm that he authorized him to pay the ransom for the Colombian nun kidnapped in Mali, an operation that Cecilia Marogna was in charge of, accused at the trial in relation to the 575,000 euros paid to her company the State Secretariat for Intelligence Activities , including the nun’s release. Money that would have been spent on luxury goods instead, according to Vatican judges. In the call, Becciu told the Pope: “Did he give me permission to start the operations to free the nun or not?” Eh, I think I asked him, “Look, I should go to London…contact this agency who would be employed, then I told them…the expense that was required was 350,000 euros for the expenses of this agency.”ยป . Before the phone call in which Becciu speaks to the convalescent pope, who is still weary from the aftermath of the operation, there is a conversation on June 23 in which the cardinal’s expectation for a reassuring gesture from the pope appears, but it never materializes. So much so that on July 13, while still chatting, a friend of the cardinal’s niece said, “We should smack the Holy Father on the head.” Diddi considers the documents that arrived from Sassari relevant: “There are also reflections on this office and on the court itself, even on journalists who would have participated in a press campaign against the trial.” Another story surfaced in connection with 928 transport documents for the Delivery of 18,000 kilos of bread to the communities. Documents prepared a few weeks before the start of the current process, according to Finance, but concerning deliveries made in 2018, useful to justify the amounts paid by the Diocese to Spes.

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