AVM Fritz!Box 7590 AX and Repeater 6000, a fearsome tandem for online gaming

The role of the network for mobile and cloud gaming is central beyond skills: anyone who has already taken steps in the world of online gaming will already know this very well connection performance They can tell the difference between a kill and a respawn.
That’s why we decided to lead you to discover some devices that could improve the health of your home network by optimizing both the connection arriving at home and the signal coverage. Each with its peculiarities and its area of ​​application, the Fritz!Box 7590 AX and the Fritz! Repeater 6000 they represent good solutions both together and individually.

AVM Fritz!Box 7590 AX

The 7590 AX is a router with an integrated modem that is compatible with all common DSL connections VDSL or ADSL2+ and two ports for analog phones. The price on Amazon Italy is currently offered at 203.99 euros instead of 249.99 euros, with free Amazon Prime shipping.

Characteristic element of this device is undoubtedly the WLAN compatibility 6 up to 2400Mbps on 5GHz and 1200Mbps on 2.4GHz, around 40% faster than WiFi 5 and WiFi 4, both still supported. The new standard enables you to have a more balanced distribution of bandwidth and promises high transmission speeds for all connected devices.
This also includes devices involved in frenetic online battles, whether they are PCs, consoles or smartphones, where this can also be done assign specific connection priorities to lower ping and latency and make exchanges with online allies and enemies even more immediate.
The modem router is animated by Fritz!OS, the intelligent operating system from AVM, which was developed with a view to performance and security for the whole family with free and, if desired, even automatic updates.

The Fritz!Box 7590 AX is equipped with four Gigabit RJ45 LAN ports (10/100/1000 Base-T), a Gigabit WAN and two USB 3.0 inputs for connecting storage devices and printers to be included in the local network.

AVM Fritz! Repeater 6000

We talked about the Fritz!Box 7590 AX modem router in tandem with the Fritz!Repeater 6000 from the same company and it is no coincidence that these products are also offered in bundles on Amazon Italy. In any case, on the same e-shop it is also possible to buy only this range extender for 169.99 euros, also on offer compared to the starting prices of 219.99.

It is a signal booster with wifi 6designed to improve the coverage of your home network also thanks to the easy installation in a system already powered by AVM devices like the 7590 AX that you can use to make it a true mesh network, boosts the signal in the farthest reaches of the home, and also brings two Gigabit LAN ports to the ground for preferred lanes. Furthermore, it is also possible in this case to assign certain priorities to the connected devices, e.g lower latency on PC or console engaged in online battles.
The Fritz!Repeater 6000 is a tri-band extender with two 2400 Mbit/s 5 GHz channels and one 1200 Mbit/s 2.4 GHz channel.
Although particular mention has been made of the close compatibility with other devices of the AVM ecosystem, it is good to specify that compared to other products of the brand, this repeater can work thanks to the total autonomy Support for 802.11 ax/ac/n/g/b/a wireless routers also from other manufacturers.

Very often, changing the modem router in your house for sorting succeeds only a palliative effect, leaving areas uncovered that were previously improperly signaled and presenting the same bottlenecks already present in your housing unit. The option of adding an extender is always something to consider in these cases, as strategically positioning it halfway between the source and the furthest points can drastically improve the experience browsing, gaming and media streaming.

Its appearance is simple and le included dimensions, which largely recalls the recognizable design of the German brand. Like all other connectivity devices, the Repeater 6000 is able to set up automatic updates to always ensure maximum security.

For its configuration it is enough to use the traditional WPS method which enables pairing with the signal source in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, a wired connection can be used via one of the two LAN ports on the back. Anyone who already owns a Fritz! can use the WPS technique to create one Mesh network to unlock certain features like beamforming signal distribution and automatic connection with control that constantly distributes and directs devices to the network source with the best reception.

Reasons to choose a tandem Fritz! To create such a network, we draw attention to the possibility of synchronizing all devices together Basic settings such as child safety, wake-up and sleep timers and creating guest networks for temporary guests. In this way, certain operations do not have to be repeated for more than one device, it is enough to apply them on the Fritz modem router! to see them cascading across the entire home ecosystem.

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