At its price it is a gift

Play comfortably from your couch without having cable issues thanks to this Xbox Wireless Controllers by Microsoft.

You can find it on sale now on Amazon for €39.97, which saves more than €10 off the total price during the Black Friday promotions.

If you have an active Prime subscription on your Amazon account, you will get fast and free shipping throughout Italy.

Keep your score high with the Xbox Wireless Controller

Tired of your old console now half broken and with that very short cable that prevents you from sitting comfortably? It’s time to change it and buy a new one, this wireless Xbox controller from Microsoft is the best in the market and you can connect it wirelessly through Bluetooth and an adapter, in case you don’t have capacitor sensor in your computer.

Xbox Wireless Controllers (1)

Being a Microsoft product, you will be able to use it on your device Xbox One And the X series and be yours computer To always be able to give your best and enjoy your gaming session in total relaxation on the couch.

thanks to him Ergonomic design You will be able to play without fear of discomfort in your hands and wrists, in addition to that you will always have a firm grip thanks to the non-slip materials on the triggers, shoulder buttons and the back of the device. If you are not satisfied with the controller mapping, you can always Jealous Using the Xbox Accessories app to create the perfect personal profile for you.

Xbox Wireless Controllers (1)

Grab this offer quickly and get ready for the next game thanks to the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller, which is on sale now on Amazon for € 39.97 with a 25% discount thanks to the Black Friday offers you find until November 28th.

Remember to activate your Amazon Prime account to also benefit from fast and free shipping throughout Italy.

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