Armed with her finest stockings, Florence Reuter, the mayor of Waterloo, goes to meet June, a young woman suffering from cystic fibrosis.

If you meet the mayor today, be sure to check out his socks. He probably, like the 179 other mayors in Belgium, wears a nice pair of #mucosocks. A way to support the 1,362 people battling daily mucositis.


Cystic fibrosis is the most common serious genetic disease in Belgium. This disease, which is still incurable today, has a significant impact on the daily lives of people with mucositis.

“The aim of current treatment is to prevent, slow down and alleviate the symptoms of the disease, but this costs patients a lot of time, energy and money,” stresses Stefan Joris, director of the association. Muco.

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To ease this huge expense, the association is launching a new line of socks and launching a national campaign today. Many of the nation’s mayors have gone to meet people with cystic fibrosis.


For the occasion Florence Reuter (MR), Mayor of Waterloo, donned her new stockings and, accompanied by June, climbed the 226 steps of the Butte de Lyon in Waterloo. They discuss the future, research, and hope for a cure for all.

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“He’s a very nice person and very engaged,” says John. “She was so caring. It was an opportunity to discover that we had common passions. She plays hockey too!”

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Since she was born in June, her parents know she has cystic fibrosis. An illness that is not always easy to manage: neither at school when she had a bad cold on her nose, nor at the job she does alongside her studies where some are skeptical and make tough comments.

However, June, who is a fan of hockey, keeps herself in shape with her two training sessions a week and her match. “In a match, I always try to keep going. Then I know I’m going to cough. But it doesn’t matter: it allows me to clear what’s in my bronchi.”

Find our range of socks on the website, in five different sizes for children and adults. They are all priced at €10 a pair.

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