Are people with big heads smarter than others?

It may seem obvious at first that people with big heads are also smarter, likely due to larger brains. Correlation does not imply causationThat’s why the “big brains” don’t have a big head… even if it’s right to make some explanations.

According to some studies, brain size and intelligence (as measured by classical intelligence tests) are linked. On a scale where 1 would be a perfect correlationEstimates made by scholars put this correspondence at a score between about 0.3 and 0.4…but it’s always best to be critical of these points of view!

This research is based only on average And, as is often the case, it doesn’t give a real answer. Furthermore, head/brain size is not a significant predictor of the intelligence of a given individual, as evidenced by (somewhat illegal) tests performed on Albert Einstein’s brain.

Consider, for example, that there are many animals with gray matter that are much larger than ours, but not as intelligent as us. Elephants and whales have brains six times larger than ours; Whereas there are other creatures that have shown great spatial and mathematical intelligence despite having a small brain (yes, we’re talking about bees).

This story reminds us of a similar one, we told some time ago, that talked about the correlations between the price of bitcoin and avocados.

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