Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) June 6-10

Apple has started sending out invites for its upcoming World developer conference (known as WWDC).

This is the traditional annual event, generally held in June, and although it is mainly dedicated to developers, it also offers implications of great interest to consumers, since it is in these circumstances that new versions of iOS are usually presented.

This year’s WWDC will take place from June 6th to 10th. The conference will – unfortunately – (unfortunately) again take place in online format and not in person, as always before the Covid19 pandemic, and will be free of charge for all developers.

Apple WWDC 2022: what to expect

Apple has a developer community of 30 million people. What can we expect from WWDC 2022? Surely we will know the details about the new versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

In addition to the online conference, Apple is hosting a special day for developers and students at Apple Park on June 6th, allowing attendees to follow the conference principlealong with the online community.

There is also a Fast challenge to which all students are invited. Children can create a Swift Playgrounds app project on a topic of their choice and submit it by April 25th.

All details are available HERE.

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