Apple’s mixed reality headset is imminent

Apple has been working for a while without making too much noise, to a mixed reality viewer that represents a combination of virtual and augmented reality. After a long silence, something is finally known: the device was officially shown at an internal meeting of the company.

This is a highly anticipated article as it really is Apple’s first major project in a long time. Of course, it will not only consist of new hardware, but also of new software. In fact, the viewer will have an operating system they have never seen before: rOS. It’s also powered by a proprietary M1 chip.

So Apple’s mixed reality viewer really exists, and it wouldn’t even be long before it’s coming. According to one report, he was due to make his debut at WWDC in June, but was postponed to a later date again this year due to technical problems.

More and more companies are deciding to jump into the augmented reality market. And this mixed reality headset from Apple isn’t even the only product in the pipeline: In fact, the company is also preparing very compact augmented reality glasses. These won’t arrive any time soon, however: sources say it could take years.

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