Apple’s iPad gets even more multitasking with iPadOS 16

That Apple’s WWDC is just around the corner (it will open its doors next Monday 6th June) and as usual there are plenty of rumors about what will be presented.

Among the many innovations that will not be missing at the annual event, we expect a major update of the operating system that will affect all major Apple products.

Corresponding Mark Gurman from Bloombergone of the big changes will affect iPadOS, which will have a completely redesigned multitasking interface that will show all open background apps.

In addition, iPads will have new options for resizing app windows and more ways to manage multiple apps at once. The current version of iPadOS 15 can multitask with split view to get your apps side by side.

there new multitasking soul of iPadOS 16 aims to position the iPad as a true laptop replacement. The iPad lineup accounts for 9% of Apple’s annual sales and has seen a significant increase in users over the past two years.

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