Apple’s first foldable? It will be an iPad, not an iPhone

The much-talked-about Apple entry in the publications section will likely not happen with the iPhone model but with the iPad. That’s what it’s written in CCS Insight Annual Report.

Apple may release the foldable iPad in 2024 Unlike most other manufacturers. The rationale behind the CCS report is that the foldable iPhone would be risky for Apple because it could cannibalize traditional iPhone sales.

The report goes on to say that Apple can only value the foldable iPhone if its cost exceeds $2,500, in order to stay away from the current top-of-the-line configuration of the iPhone Pro Max model.

according to Ben Woodhead of research at CCS, Apple wants to avoid running into any technical problems that could undermine the credibility of the iPhone brand, preferring a tablet experience.
Other sources, especially the famous Apple insider and analyst Ming Chi KuoInstead, he went on to claim that Apple could release the foldable iPhone in 2024. However, everyone seems to agree on one fact: Apple will introduce a foldable device in two years.

The CCS report goes on to say that Apple will introduce its own 5G modems in 2025. The move will allow the California-based manufacturer, which currently relies on Qualcomm 5G modems, to integrate its modems into its A-series chipset so that it has a choice of its hardware solution. single slide. The Cupertino-based company acquired Intel’s modem business in 2019 and is said to be developing new throughput capabilities.

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