Apple WWDC will be there, but not for everyone

Apple has confirmed that the World developer conference (WWDC 2022) will be held June 6-10 this year and streamed online.

However, there will also be some attendance at the Presence, albeit limited. The opening keynote will still be pre-recorded, but Apple Park in Cupertino will open its doors to a limited number of developers. The group of developers will be able to attend the keynote in the company of Apple engineers and designers.

The lucky few had to apply via an online form earlier in the week, and now the company is sending out the invites.

All participants of the WWDC 2022”must follow Apple’s health and safety protocols“. They must appear with the result of a negative smear, while the use of masks is optional. Inside, guests are taken on a tour of the new Developer Center at Apple Park.

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