Apple Watch: Blood pressure and blood glucose sensors aren’t coming anytime soon

If you’ve been waiting for an Apple Watch with blood pressure measurement Blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring, you still have to be patient. It will likely take much longer, as a Bloomberg article suggests those two improvements are still a long way off.

In detail, the blood pressure measurement should work “encountered some difficulties”. It would therefore not be available until 2024 or even 2025. According to Bloomberg, the biggest challenge Apple engineers face is the accuracy of the function, especially when it comes to determining whether or not a person has high blood pressure.

pressure monitoring

We also learn that Apple has no intention of following the technical solution chosen by the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which already offers the blood pressure measurement which, however, requires monthly calibration for a conventional monitor. We understand that Apple wants its watch to function completely independently, without regular calibration. As a result, the watch cannot give any specific values, but only warn the wearer if they suffer from high blood pressure.

The other top-notch technology expected to appear on the Apple Watch over the next few years is the blood glucose monitoring. Such an addition would allow people with diabetes to measure it without going through invasive equipment of the kind currently used by patients on a daily basis. Unfortunately, if Bloomberg is to be believed, this feature will have to wait “several years,” but to compensate, Apple plans to improve support for third-party blood glucose meters.

WatchOS 9 and power saving mode

So that’s it for the two completely new features. Luckily Apple will be rolling out some exciting new features like a body temperature sensor.

This year Three different Apple Watch models are plannedincluding a new SE based on the 8 Series and a model for sports practice.

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