Apple Watch 8 and temperature measurement: maybe yes, maybe not

According to many analysts, e.g leakster, Apple Watch 8 will be launched in the third quarter of this year. The new possibility that many are anticipating is the reveal of body temperature, but some voices are conflicting. This functionality still seems to be threatened with demolition: everything depends on the optimization of the algorithm.

the applewatch 7, arrived last october it did not use temperature sensing technology. This isn’t because it hasn’t been developed yet, but because it can’t pass QA before actual implementation.

Such an algorithm is particularly complex to design. In fact, the smartwatch can only rely on body temperature, which is often influenced by external factors: Because of this, accurate results are difficult to obtain.

If all goes well and the algorithm passes quality control this time, the Apple Watch 8 will come with temperature measurement. But as said, it’s still an uncertainty and the prospect may not come true. Not only Apple has problems: It seems even Samsung is having some headaches with the same implementation in the Galaxy Watch 5.

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