Apple Watch 6, the price has finally collapsed: the Black Friday discount can’t be missed

When a new product comes into the market, it is normal for the price of the previous product to go down. You just have to wait and be patient. If you add to this close to Black Friday, These products are starting to become very interesting. Even if it’s Apple devices. This is exactly what is happening today withApple watch 6a device that has been on the market for some time, but is still very recent thanks to the constant updates that the Cupertino company releases.

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Today we find it on Amazon in format Show To the price Really special: it’s available, in fact, with one 38% off yes Save over 200 euros in the price list. Needless to say, it is about Historical lowest price and best price on the web. The offer is really exciting: it is already difficult to find an Apple device on display, to find it with one 38% off It only happens in certain periods, like this next one (Black Friday starts November 18th). In promotion we find two models of Apple Watch: 40mm and 44mm. Either way it is GPS + Cellular version, so it is also possible to link an eSIM to surf the Internet without having to rely on a smartphone. The offer is very interesting and does not have an expiration date, which is why we advise you to take advantage of it immediately.

Apple Watch 6 - 40mm

Apple Watch Series 6: Data sheet and features

Being on the market for quite some time does not make it any less performant than the devices launched in recent months. The Cupertino company continued to supportApple watch 6 It constantly updates it by improving existing features. And it is no coincidence that smart watches are still one of the best allies in health monitoring.

L’Apple watch 6 It has the typical design of Apple smart watches: Rectangular screen, Retina display with excellent resolution and extremely high brightness, which makes it readable even under sunlight. All the most important information is available on the screen, from time to steps taken to activity rings that make it easier for us to understand how the day went.

Under the body we find sensors that allow you to keep your vital parameters under control. L’Apple watch 6 able to monitor around the clock heart rate And if there is any abnormal data, you are immediately warned via a notification in the Health app. A sensor for real-time measurement of files is also available Oxygen saturation in the blood. However, one of the most useful features of the watch is EKG application This allows you to do a quick check of your heart health.

Training apps are equally useful. On theApple watch 6 We find many physical activities, some of which are special and tailor-made for physical health fanatics. All data is collected on the watch in order to easily consult them and understand if they are improving.

The two models that we find on offer today also support eSIM and can connect independently to the Internet. In this way it is completely independent of the smartphone and can also be used for it make calls or reply to incoming messages.

Apple Watch Series 6 on Amazon: Price and discount

Today we find in Show Apple Watch 6 in Show to me Lowest price ever thanks th An exceptional 38% discount. There are two models available on Amazon.

The first isApple Watch 40mm 6 Thank you The 38% discount costs 334.98 euros. Savings compared to the list price is Just over 200 euros It is also possible to pay it in installments without interest: 5 installments of 67 euros to me Month Using the service available directly from the e-commerce site.

Apple Watch 6 - 40mm

The second model shown is Slightly larger 44mm version. The price is also going up, which is always interesting. today is We find it at 354.98 euros And the savings on the list price exceed 210 euros. Also in this case it can be paid in installments without interest: 5 monthly installments of 71 euros.

Apple Watch 6 - 44 mm

For both versions, availability is immediate and delivery takes place within a few days. To implement Free returns until January 31, 2023so you can buy it now in view of Christmas gifts.

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