Apple viewer, we might be here: when it arrives

For several years now, rumors have persisted apple Works on Mixed reality headseta technology that unites both virtual be that a plus. Several rumors recently revealed that Apple will announce the device next year. These leaks match with the latest rumors that mass production of Apple’s AR/VR headset is expected to begin in March 2023.

Apple viewer, production will drop

Taiwanese newspaper specialized in the electronics industry Numbers Reports that develop Apple Mixed Reality Headset communicate and that Pegatron He was chosen as the exclusive production partner. Based on the current state of the manufacturing verification process, incoming industry rumors predict that mass production will likely begin March 2023.

This seems, at least at first, to be very limited and the price is expected to be high, which in turn means that the new Apple headset is primarily intended forProfessional use.

Rough estimates talk about annual delivery between 700 thousand and 800 thousand unitsmuch lower than the previous estimates that I talked about 2.5 million pieces It is produced and sold annually. It should be noted that for producers in the supply chain these are not particularly profitable volumes.

Despite the low profitability of producing Apple’s premiere, the partners who produce for the Cupertino company will be willing to collaborate on the project to prove their technical prowess in order to be well equipped. Future AR/VR products. In fact, the Apple name alone makes it easier for companies to raise money in the capital markets to fund their operations.

The Apple Headphones are ready for summer

Well known and certified analyst Ming Chi Kuo She indicated that Apple will announce its headphones inThe beginning of 2023. However, it will presumably take several months before the sightings begin Mixed apple reality already available. During this time, developers will have time to think Applications for the device.

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