Apple shakes hands with Epic (not Games) and ramps up interest in health

Apple and Epic shook hands. Attention, it’s not Epic with whom there is an endless litigation: this is Epic Games Epic systems an American company dealing with healthcare software. In fact, the agreement stipulates that the company will create a version “run best on apple devices” – so writes Axios, who reports the news – of his tool for le medical records.

In Cupertino they would have tried to get Epic to develop a native version for Apple products and the reference was on macOS, but the deal would then have been closed with a solution from Compromise, according to an inside source who heard Axios. Even with Epic Systems, the relationship would not be “clean”, although we are very far from the (non-existent) relationship with Epic Games. The company, which operates in the healthcare sector, has always responded to the various requests that Cupertino has received over the years due to a divergent views on data sharingan element that Apple would have pushed for, however, finding a wall in Epic.

The company doesn’t like the question of interoperability, which it rejected mainly on the basis of that fear for privacyy of people while protecting its market position as the largest provider of electronic health records to Americans. Apple, on the other hand, has shown one growing interest in the clinical field, and the evolution of the Apple Watch bears witness to this – the latter, for example, measures body temperature to detect ovulation. Shaking hands with Epic, albeit not on his terms, is a big step forward for his company in the medium term.

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